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Now I'm still currently running some tests, and while this product is quite far from completion, I still wish to release it for free while it's still being developed, so I can get some feedback towards it. After development is out of the way, I'll begin charging for the software! The reason I've made this was because I was fed up with a lot of name generators that would have the ability to generate entire names but leave no customization on what you can generate. What I mean by this as the name lists are actually editable. There was also the lack of middle names in most of them, so I've added that in as well.

How to use:

The entire program relies on typing a number in a little white box in the right bottom corner. (Known as the text box field) And then followed by hitting the various of buttons displayed on the screen. It'll be pretty hard to miss that text box field. It'll have "Click me and enter in a number!" as its text when you open it up.

1. Click on the text box in the right bottom corner.

2. Type between one to four digits. So that can be from 1 up to 9999 per name generate. (restriction may lift later)

3. Select your sex. If you want female names, then I advise you do click on it. Otherwise, leave it as it is.

4. When satisfied with the options, go ahead and click generate.

5. Once you're satisfied with the number of names (appears in the middle), go ahead and click 'save'. You will be prompted to save it in a location with a name.

Features currently in this version:

-The ability to change between Male to Female

-Generate multiple names at a rapid speed (roughly 90 names per second. May vary between computers!)

-Ability to save the file.

-The name files can be edited to include extra names!

To-do list:

-Saves what sex you've had left it on last.

-More name generators.

-Redesign the program.

-'Backups' for when the program (or the computer) randomly crashes.

-Advance Random Name Generator (I'll explain later)

-Add in Clipboard copy/pasting (not that I see it needed anyways)

-A 'Stop Generating' button.

-More appearing on this list soon!


-Cannot save in the same folder as the application.


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